NAME: Nugs (not on my birth certificate)
AGE: Zero Dark Thirty
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: In a functional (?) relationship. Come back to me in a week. 
LOCATION: Born and raised in New York City
ABOUT: When you've lived in two of the biggest cities in the country and can nickname your exes Forest of Hands and Teeth, The Incredible Shrinking Prospect and The Supervillain, you know you're the perfect candidate to start a dating blog. Now that I've hit thirty with a Jewish mother and no discernable donor candidates, I figured now is as good a time as any. Hey, it's better than doing stand-up.

When I'm not writing for Snark and Sex, you can also find me as the brains (?) behind That Ain't Kosher. When I'm too exhausted to update either of these, I'm usually debating comic books or science fiction or yelling at somebody in my Brooklynese about why my sports teams don't suck.

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