NAME: Lily 
AGE: 25
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Long term relationship
LOCATION: The Windy City

ABOUT: I am dating (and soon marrying ... if we ever find the perfect venue) a guy I met 10 years ago (on the internet!). I never thought that I would end up getting back together with someone I didn't really have any more feelings for and that I was determined to friend-zone forever.  I often refer to him as my "girlfriend" because he acts like a girl sometimes (as I will tell you all about in my posts). And by sometimes, I mean always. We've been on and off for most of the past ten years, we've been super cereal for the past 2. When we're not fighting about his undying support of the wrong sports teams (no, seriously, NO ONE in Chicago should like the Packers! Ever.), we have an almost storybook romance (without evil witches, at least not that I'm aware of).

When not on Snark and Sex, I attempt to write for my own little neglected blog Is it too early for a martini? but fail miserably at getting a post together. I also have a tumblr, iPhone Pro-Photog,where I pretend to be an awesome photographer but really, it's just Instagram. 

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